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Have you ever had a difficult client? Have you ever got stuck in your head and spent more time thinking about the client and how you can make them happy than you did actually doing the work? Have you ever had a bad day that was caused by someone not absolutely loving what you created […]

You Can Fire Me But You Can’t Hurt Me (+ Other Advice When Selling “Yourself”)

advice when selling yourself as a service provider

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I’m in marketing, but I don’t specialize in Instagram marketing strategy. Today, I wanted to bring you guys my biz bestie turned real life bestie, Laura Milroy Media to spill the dirt on what we should be doing and what we need to know about social media strategy in 2024. In this episode, she shares […]

Using the 4C’s of Conversion to Create Your Instagram Marketing Strategy with Laura Milroy Media

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I’m an admittedly awkward person, which is funny because I work in marketing. If you’re also an introvert who prefers not to show up on Instagram stories (or do a daily search for faceless Instagram reels ideas), this episode is for you. As a fellow introvert, I understand the struggle more than you know. Creating […]

marketing for introverts - how to make money even if you feel awkward

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