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There are so many buzzwords in the online space and it can constantly make you feel like you’re missing out. For example, today’s guest is coming on to talk all about systems, specifically, her systems trifecta, which is three things that your systems absolutely need to actually be helpful. So many people will tell you […]

The Business Systems Trifecta You Have Been Missing with Sandra Henderson

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It’s okay to be nosy 😉 Have you been thinking about trying to start a podcast? Six months ago, I pressed publish on mine. And it has been really fun! I can’t believe it’s already been six months, so I thought this would be a super fun episode to just talk about how things are […]

Looking to Start a Podcast? I Did 6 Months Ago! Here’s How It’s Going…

marketing strategist shares thoughts on 2024 marketing trends

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I know as entrepreneurs it can sometimes be so easy to fall off the bandwagon during the summer. That’s why today I have three pretty low effort, high impact things I want you to focus on this summer. And don’t worry, I am practicing what I preach here, because I will be implementing these things […]

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