I know you are here to learn more about me, but first a quick question:

Who does your next hire need to be to get you closer to the business you want?

I’m a Conversion Copywriter 
& Content Marketing Strategist 

Which Means I Write Words that Get Your Business Found by Ideal Customers (and convert like crazy)

Your website looks great (good enough, at least) but your client list looks kind of empty. The kind of empty that might encourage you to negotiate your pricing or ignore the red flags those leads in your inbox are sending your way.

You are busy. But it’s a constant struggle to keep up with a demanding algorithm (cough: instagram) AND serve your customers well. You're also a tiny bit afraid to raise your prices because you’d rather be busy than broke.



Now listen, I’ve been in business a minute and I know I can’t throw you in a box. You might find yourself somewhere in the middle, but here’s what I know for sure:

(check all that apply)

✓ Leads who have been warmed up through personality driven web copy (combined with blogs showcasing your portfolio and expertise), don’t shop around for “cheaper alternatives” if you take more than 20 minutes to respond to their email at 10pm on a Friday night.

✓ There are people out there that will pay you what you want to charge. If your potential customers are questioning your value or wondering if you are the one, it’s because you haven’t given them a reason not to.

✓ Copywriting and Content Marketing aren’t as different as “experts” make them seem. Both exist to make you more money and they work really well together.

✓ I can help you. I want to help you.

Consider me your Olivia Pope because it’s handled. It’s hard to write for yourself, but I have no problem humble bragging about you (as though you wrote it). I frequently become kind of obsessed with how cool my clients are.

can i steal you for a sec?

I’m the kind of copywriter you could grab a late brunch & mimosas to “talk shop” with…

& I’m also the kind of copywriter that will spend the entire afternoon with you mapping out your launch strategy on Post-It notes.

Wondering if we are a good fit?

I love to say

My favorite people tend to end up on this page (people who care about people who represent their brand enough to read yet another ‘about’ page). I love to work with the movers and shakers of the world - the wedding planners who care deeply for their couples, the course creators who dream of changing the world of their students, the multi-passionate entrepreneurs who want to have it all (without a ton of sacrifice).

In short, I love to work with Brands & Businesses focused on serving their customers really, really, well.

I prefer to remain behind the scenes—I take secret pleasure knowing my words are all over the internet. Let me be your favorite independent contractor who meets deadlines & over delivers on the regular.

Peek Behind the Curtain of my Signature Process

✓ Yes to working with women whose work lights them up
✕ No to zoom calls that could have been an email (let’s chat on voxer instead)

Right now, The Kara Report is just me—Kara—and a few incredible contractors.

From Blogger to Destination Wedding Planner to Conversion Copywriter

Started as a Shampoo Girl in a Local High End Salon. I was obsessed with being a part of a luxury experience and learned to say “it’s my pleasure” instead of “you’re welcome”

It’s a long story, but I took some time away from the luxury space to help grow a family business. Not one to waste an opportunity, I built a website selling their products—and wrote all the copy (before I knew it was called ‘copy’). 

Where there’s attention, there’s money. I turned my blog into a thriving destination wedding planning business that’s still open today. If you inquire, my team of passionate independent contractors will help you plan, book, and love your destination wedding.

Launched “The Kara Report” - your one stop shop for personality driven conversion copywriting, blogging, and Pinterest funnels.

The Salon expanded and I transitioned to High Ticket Sales - selling botox, injections, laser treatments. I volunteered to start a blog for the company and wrote in my free time.

Started Marketing for other Wedding Pros & Creative Business Owners doing what I already knew worked for me (Pinterest, Blogging, Emails, etc). It was a year of testing & learning. My destination wedding company won an award for 2nd highest sales at our agency.

I got engaged & was frustrated with the lack of information for planning a destination wedding online. I started my own blog & started marketing on Pinterest.








**Not shown? Starting about 4 other blogs that didn’t turn into anything (the year was 2015 and everyone was going it) and getting my bachelors degree with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. I clearly find the way people behave very interesting.

Hey look Ma! I made it.

Basically, I’m here for the messy journey and trying things until I get it right. I am an enneagram 3w4 - the expert - and I’m never happy until I’m 100% happy. 

Trust me when I say I’m here for the right reasons?

Wondering what a future together would look like? The next step is reaching out on my contact page.

 I’ll be waiting with white gloves on.


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