Let me guess - you are counting on your new website or sales page to bring in more than just compliments? You're in the right place. Combining conversion copywriting with the fast turnaround time we need in the online space, let's get you a high-converting website that sells.

website copy + sales pages with vip days

design attracts, words sell

Want to send emails back and forth for 8-12 weeks before your new website is ready? Me neither! I've found that the best copy is written in one sitting (with a little prep beforehand) so we've structured our copywriting services with that in mind!

You can relate, right? Have you ever worked on a big project in little spurts? And each time you sit down to revisit the project, you have to familiarize yourself with everything (and hope you don't forget anything?). Writing it all at once allows me to capture my best ideas and keep my focus, so the entire website is completely cohesive and impactful from start to finish.

you need more than a new website template to bring fresh eyes (+ sales) into your biz

ready to ditch the dull + uninspired copy?


These words are absolutely beautiful and speak so well and sound just like me. Like, I’m truly impressed.
This is just mind blowing to me. In a good way. 


Once your ideal customers find you, they tend to stop looking (and don’t compare you to your competitors).

You can say goodbye to price shoppers because nobody is questioning your value. Red flag leads? They see themselves out (attract/repel content is not a myth!)

You are getting more traffic... and the right people are heading straight to your checkout page

You stop being afraid to raise your prices (or display them proudly on your website) because baby, you’re worth it.

what effective copywriting looks like here:

* Payment plans are available. Additional hours may be added on if needed for more pages/projects.

$1,850 per vip day


  • Between 5-7 pages of website copy delivered in a Google doc, witten in a day.
  • SEO Research - so not only will your website convert, but it will also be written to rank on Google.
  • One round of edits delivered within two weeks
  • 60 days of email support if you are DlYing your own website template or working with a designer!

what's included

While the copy is written in a day, we start researching at least one week before to make sure we are using the right keywords and researching your industry (and competition) before we sit down to write. 

website copy in a day

book your vip day

We collaborate and make edits! If we have done our job right - there shouldn't be many,  but we will work with you until it's SO good you are shouting your URL from the rooftops. And then? You'll probably want to hire us for Pinterest and Blogging, right?

what happens after our vip day?

We pride ourselves in "fast starts" which means we can often get started in as little as two weeks. We know that when you need copy, you NEED copy (and hey - your web designer likely can't wait!)


As of right now, Kara is the only one writing website copy on VIP days. With that said, before your VIP day our SEO-superstar Kaylee does a lot of the keyword research and prep work! You can learn more about our team here.

who is writing the copy on vip days?

Connect with us! When you reach out, we can keep the communication over email or we can hop on a call. Whatever you prefer. This is a no pressure zone - the dress code is always "zoom casual"

what are the
first steps?

You may be wondering...

I will send you the final copy, in a Google Drive folder, and record a loom video explaining the strategy behind the copy so you can review it (and love it!)


While I do ask that you be available for questions, it is actually a GOOD thing if you don't hear from me. It means I'm in the zone!

the day

what your vip day looks like

I can often start edits within 48 hours after. You can make comments right on the Google doc, send a loom video, email, or schedule a call with your thoughts!

i edit fast

We aren't just "show up and wing it" kinda girls. The truth is: the research part is JUST as important as the writing. Once you book, we send you a list of collateral items that will be due one week before the VIP day so that our team can do keyword research before the writing starts.


You tell me everything (and ask me all of your questions!). From there, we agree on your website goals and save a date that works for both of us!

we book a call

Expect a small writing sample to act as a "pulse check" and make sure I am on the right track. Get excited for the rest to come!


I love working with Kara! I hired Kara in 2020 to help me manage my Pinterest and write my blog posts because I really wanted to continue blogging for SEO but couldn't find the time because the business and client work took precedence. Since then, I've hired Kara to help me with additional projects too - she wrote all of the website copy when I launched an online store, writes scripts for my podcast, and I also book her time to strategize our marketing efforts so that it's cohesive  and consistent. I think of her as an integral part of my team and am so glad I found her!

– Desiree, Verve Event Co

"Kara was able to seamlessly transition to writing all my blog posts virtually overnight."

Kara has been a game changer for my business! She's been ghost writing my blog, managing my Pinterest account, and analyzing my Google analytics for the past three years. Kara is a true joy to work with -- she is a part of my team and she cares about my business just as much as I do! Kara is super knowledgeable when it comes to blogging for SEO and seamlessly weaves trending topics into blogs in a very organic way to ensure my site stays relevant to prospective clients. I can't recommend Kara enough!

- Devin, Mile Square Moments

"I now rank on page 1 of Google search for top keywords I'm targeting and Google is my #1 source of lead conversion."

When I first started working with Kara I had never blogged before and knew very little about SEO or google rankings. When I hired Kara, my site was on the 12th or 13th page of a google search.

In less than 3 months of working with Kara (in both a blogging & pinterest capacity), I was on the first page!! I was beyond impressed with this jump.... as I'd been bracing for patiently waiting many, many months for this kind of traction. My favourite part of reading what she wrote was realizing that she captured my voice & style of writing wonderfully!

Kara is a total ASSET to my business and highly recommend getting her on YOUR team immediately!

— Sarahna, Simply Organized Solutions

"In less than 3 months, I was on the first page of Google"


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