you spent hours & hours learning about instagram and then adam m. went in and changed the game...

he did you dirty... but what if i told you that you never have to worry about the algorithm again?

If "make more money" is on your goal list for 2023 keep reading...

Inside my BRAND NEW MINI COURSE Blogging for Bingeable Brands... I'm going to teach you everything you need to know to add blogging for SEO to your marketing strategy in 2023 (and spoiler alert - it's kind of a game changer!).

i'm sold

Stop fighting with the algorithm & learn how to become a Bingeable Brand instead.

What even is a bingeable brand? So glad you asked. Close your eyes and picture this: your ideal customer starts a Google search. They find your blog and learn more about what you offer. You have a ton of content on your website so they keep reading. Before they even know what happens, they either check out your services page and fill out your contact form or adding your products to their cart. They aren't looking at your competitors because by now, they feel like they know YOUR business is the one (it's really kind of romantic if you think about it) 

show me how


I get it. Smart business owners ask smart questions. Not only can I reassure you with the results I've seen in my own business (and now in my clients' businesses - keep scrolling for the testimonials), I've also shared some of my favorite stats on the left.


Want more eyes on your business?
Companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites.

Feel like you don't have time for this?
66% of bloggers today are publishing a few times per month, rather than a few times per week back in 2014.

Wondering if blogging really leads to lead generation?
74% of companies indicate that content marketing is increasing their marketing teams’ lead quality and quantity

Ready to get off the content creation hamster wheel?
6 out of 10 marketers don’t write fresh content but recycle old articles up to three times.

Worried your not a great writer? Your customers are skimming anyway. In fact...
37 seconds is the average time readers spend reading a blog post. Additionally, 43% of readers skim through content rather than reading it thoroughly.

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blogging for bingeable

Unlock my never before seen SEO FIRST formula (if you know me... YUP, FIRST is an acronym for my signature 5 step process). Inside Blogging for Bingeable Brands, I'm sharing allllll of my secrets to writing blog posts that continually rank on Google (and bring all the ideal clients to the yard) for not only my own businesses, but for my clients as well. 

TL;DR: Yeah, this framework has worked for me. But I have receipts that it's worked for others too. Which means I didn't just "luck into this" and make a course. I can safely say, this is PROVEN to work across both service based industries and ecommerce stores!

"In less than 3 months of working with Kara, I went from the 13th page of Google to PAGE ONE!"

"I was beyond impressed with this jump.... as I'd been planning to patiently wait many, many months for this kind of traction. My favourite part of reading what she wrote was realizing that she captured my voice & style of writing wonderfully! Kara is a total ASSET to my business and highly recommend getting her on YOUR team immediately!"

- Simply Organized Solutions

" In just one week, my Pinterest blew up and her blog writing really sounded like my voice and was jam packed with tons of good information for my readers"

I absolutely LOVE Kara and her business. She did Pinterest and blog management for my business for a bit and it was top notch! The value she provides is truly worth it because she invests so much time getting to know you and your business and the industry/demographic you serve (IF she doesn't already know about it!) I was blown away by the amount of work she put into my blog and into growing my Pinterest. She does her research and really knows her stuff! I highly recommend Kara for all of your blogging, Pinterest, SEO outsourcing needs. She's the best!

- Kindly Delivered

"Kara communicates with you like a friend you've had for years who is giving you the best advice."

I have the opportunity to work with this beautiful soul.  She's passionate about helping others and I can feel that all the way from Arizona. I highly recommend her because she cares, she’s knowledgeable, and she wants to give you the tools to help you succeed. 

 - Krissy Mae Photography

okay... what is this going to cost?

$97.00 $47.00. Yup, I don't sugar coat the brass tax around here. Right now, you can get the ENTIRE thing for just $47.00. 

So sure, you could have a pizza night for $47...
OR you could learn the skills you need to achieve TRULY passive lead generation (after a little work, of course).

In case you are curious, my current rate for blog posts is $125/post for 700-900 words. And I'm fully booked until at least Q2 of 2023

get instant access FOR $47

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I hate writing?

Tough love - but so what? I'm guessing there are a lot of things you have to do that you don't love (for me - it's taxes). Your choices are: pass on the passive lead generation a strong blogging strategy can give you, suck it up and write, or hire someone to do it for you (it's totally okay if you give this course to your VA).

My more encouraging answer? Inside the course you'll find templates and tricks to make writing a little easier for you!

What is the refund policy?

You have access to EVERYTHING after enrolment. If you decide within 7 days that this isn’t the right course for you, email me and I will promptly refund your money (no homework required). After 7 days, if you really believe you implemented the course material and got subpar results, email me at and I will still refund your money.

I’m nervous... what if I try this and I don’t see results?

 I (so badly) want to see you get results, but this course won’t do the work for you. I also believe that while this course technically does not include support, there is no course creator selling a low ticket offer as obsessed with your results than I am. It's a little embarrassing how much I care what you think. If you don't see results, email me directly at and I will either refund your money or help you work through where you are getting stuck!

I don’t have that much time right now... how much time does this take?

With just under 3 hours of video content, you can watch the entire course in one afternoon. Once you understand the principles of my SEO FIRST formula, you can implement these techniques in just 15 minutes per blog post. 

Am I too new/too experienced for this?

If you aren’t getting the number of leads you want in your business (or you are working very, very, hard to keep your calendar full), you need this. Already blogging but not showing up on Google? This is for you. Showing up on Google but inquiries are never booking? I talk about that too!

What types of business is this for?

Although my background is in the wedding industry, after more than 2 years of offering DFY blogging services for a variety of service based AND product based businesses, I've included many examples throughout the course no matter WHAT you are selling.



I'm the owner of two small (but mighty) businesses that frequently close their doors because we are fully booked.

In case you are new to my world, you can learn more about the DFY marketing services The Kara Report offers here. While I absolutely LOVE offering these kinds of services, I created Blogging for Bingeable Brands to help small business owners wearing too many hats trying to do all the things, to know EXACTLY what they need to do to write blog posts that rank on Google (so they can PROFIT from them).

What's my other business? I'm the proud owner of a destination wedding planning company, Love at First Travel. While I don't work with any of the couples personally (I stick to the business operations & marketing now), it's still my absolute pride and joy. 

Fun fact: Love at First Travel actually started as a blog. We still get most of our couples from our blog today!

Will I See You Inside?

When you start showing up on Google, you worry a lot less about showing up daily on Instagram (so you can actually kind of have a life). LET MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS BE EASY. I hope to see you inside!