& Pinterest is where women go when they are ready for their lives to change.


Yeah, that means it's where they go when they are planning a wedding or decorating their home, but it's also where they go when they are looking to start an online business, get inspired for a website rebrand, or planning their next branding photoshoot. 

Unlike other noisy social media platforms, Pinterest users aren't just scrolling either. They are ACTIVELY searching for the right solutions for their problems, and they aren't afraid to take action once they've found it.

For over a decade now, Pinterest has been the go-to platform for women who are looking to plan their futures.

Each month, we send out a detailed analytics report with a loom video breaking down your KPI's (we know you're busy - watch us geek out on 1.5x speed).

dives into the data

Most experienced Pinterest managers will provide you a list of trending content ideas but few will actually write them for you. We will repurpose podcast episodes or expand on your Instagram posts to create bingeable content for Pinterest users to read.

is ready to write the content

We don't have "one proven formula", we have a flexible framework of consistently maximizing your Pinterest in a way that showcases what YOU uniquely have to offer. Oh - and we love to overdeliver.

obsesses over strategy

you need a pinterest manager that

New ideal clients finding your website everyday and bingeing your blog posts, finding you on Instagram, and signing up for your email list. 

When people find you on Pinterest, they become OBSESSED through strategic website copy, bingeable content, and evergreen funnels for every stage in their journey.

A little bonus? Your pins help your content show up in Google searches too. Hello OMNIPRESENCE marketing.

a well-executed pinterest strategy looks like this:


"Kara communicates with you like a friend you've had for years who is giving you the best advice."


'I was BLOWN AWAY by the amount of work she put into my blog and into growing my Pinterest.' 

Your future customers aren't expecting to find a personal relationship with you on Pinterest, and that's a good thing - because it means it's easier to outsource. We are EXPERTS at using the content you are already creating and leveraging the power of search-driven marketing to make it work A LOT harder for you.

What if you had time & energy to focus on connecting with new leads (and making sales) & then executing the work you love to do?

we make it easy to outsource

Let's be honest, Ads are not working like they used to. When you hire us as your Pinterest Manager, you can expect us to grow your organic traffic month over month in a sustainable, slow-burn kind of way.

It's time to stop spending your entire marketing budget on ads.

if you are ready to scale

* $500 set up/clean up fee waived with a 3 month commitment.



  • The "Boring" Stuff: Keyword Research, Board Optimization, and an Account Audit/Setup/Cleanup (whatever is required, at any time)
  • A Daily Pin Schedule Optimized for YOUR Account
  • 50 New Graphics Created Each Month at Minimum 
  • A Content Plan to Help Jump on Trends + Create Evergreen Content (with a la carte options for us to create powerful posts done for you)
  • Unlimited access to strategy calls and brainstorm sessions - seriously.

what's included

This is our "standard" Pinterest marketing package, but as you look closer, you'll see nothing about it is standard. Everything is tailored to YOU. Doesn't that feel good?

Pinterest marketing

A solid Pinterest marketing strategy is not about pretty pins and strategic keywords. But boy - wouldn't that be nice?

Often our clients will hire us for Pinterest management and blogging, and then start to outsource more and more to us as their business grows. That's ALWAYS our goal.

While our "bread and butter" is Pinterest management and DFY blogging, we become so obsessed with our clients and our businesses that we've been known to tackle their website copy, manage their podcast, or create carousels and write their Instagram captions. 

Trust me when I say, we would be elated to make this a forever thing with you!

I'm Kara — the pinterest manager who is ready to grow with you.

Can we join your team?

- sarahna, simply organized solutions

"In less than 3 months of hiring Kara for my blog and Pinterest management, I was on the first page!! I was BEYOND impressed"

Most of our clients are crushing it on Instagram but Pinterest doesn't give them the same 'instant gratification' glow.

If you are ready to finally make it priority (without doing any of the actual work yourself), we're a perfect match.

Are you ready to have someone just take this off your plate?

you don't need another course

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Schedule a complimentary call with Kara to get started. No strings attached! Pinterest marketing is an investment, and I'll be honest if it's not right for you.

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