Pinterest Management

Hiring a Pinterest Manager means saying YES to scaling your business and NO to marketing efforts that don’t bring you a real ROI.

Like any search-driven platform, your content will continue to be seen for as long as it’s relevant. Here are some other fast stats you might want to consider about my fave social media platform:

With Pinterest Management, you can create a new life of less “what do I post today” and more “waking up with customers in your inbox”.

Chatting up customers (current clients & potential) and making sales - that's something that's probably left in your good hands. Showing up on Instagram stories or networking with other local vendors - kind of hard to outsource! 

Your customers search for information (and inspiration) on Pinterest and Google - yes, pins show up on Google - every day. Let’s make sure you are right there waiting for them. 

Pinterest Set Up to Ramp Up

✓ Set up profile photo, name, description 
✓ Verify your Website so you get Rich Pins,
✓ 10 Boards Created/Optimized with Descriptions
✓ Board cleanup/making personal boards private (if applicable)
✓ Keyword Research Spreadsheet with Example Pin Titles/Descriptions that you can use
✓ Video outlining proposed content strategy (either with or without Tailwind) so you know exactly what to do
✓ Video Website audit with recommendations for higher conversion (including SEO optimization) (loom video)
✓ Setting up Tailwind, Choosing 5 Tailwind Communities, and having your first two weeks of pins scheduled including 10 graphics

pinterest Management

How Can I Help You With Pinterest Marketing?

$475 USD

✓ Design 50 new graphic pins each month. Add your website link and a keyword rich description to each pin when scheduled. 
✓ Upload story pins on a weekly basis, if available.
✓ Up to 400 pins scheduled monthly (350 scheduled through tailwind, 50 pinned manually throughout the month). 
Pinterest SEO: Extensive research around keywords and trends your ideal client is using.
✓ Update and add new Pinterest boards, as needed. 
✓ Join group boards outside of Tailwind Communities for increased exposure.
✓ Maintain & Contribute to Tailwind Tribes (5 tribes, 30 monthly contributions with your own content)
✓ Follow influencers who offer complementary services that your ideal client would find helpful
✓ Detailed Monthly reporting (with video) using data from both Pinterest and Google Analytics

$550 USD / month

Let's play this out...

What if instead of buying another course, I took something off your plate instead? What if you had time & energy to focus on connecting with new leads (and making sales) & then executing the work you love to do instead of stress-writing yet another Instagram post? 

Instagram is great but it’s not a marketing strategy.

Get My Business On Pinterest

Still have questions?

In business, you need to make smart investments. Before you buy that $1000 course teaching you how to make money from your blog or maximize your ROI on Pinterest, ask yourself if you should spend time learning a skill that you probably shouldn’t even be doing. You can buy a course on content marketing and struggle through it because it’s not your jam (or worse, add it to the “never going to finish” list) or you can outsource and never feel guilty about it again.


I recommend planning to invest in Pinterest for a minimum of 6 month to one year. Anything less is a waste of your time and money. Although it starts slow, it’s worth the wait. The results compound over time (picture that bank teller lecturing you about compound Interest) - that’s how Pinterest works for lead generation - don’t get out before it gets good.

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Short answer: No, but Pinterest marketing will be more effective if you have something to “warm up” the cold audience you are bringing in. If you don’t have content to do the trick, your website copy (and offer) need to be exceptional. If you hate writing (and aren’t ready to outsource it), consider having a vlog on Youtube or Podcast and host that content on your website. 



Ahhh, it’s like asking me to pick between two children! In order of importance, this is what I’d recommend you work on:

1. Create a SOLID home base (that means your actual website - not your blog). Make sure it’s ready to generate sales.
2. Start blogging for SEO. Create content so when you are ready to add even more traffic, they have something to binge.
3. Add Pinterest to scale. At this point, you are set up where more traffic = more sales.

Read this backwards and you’ll realize that you have a sales funnel.


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