Or having to "show up" every single spare minute of your day. Instead, our small marketing agency specializes in driving qualified customers to you (that are actively looking for you already), and making sure there's enough of YOU waiting for them when they find you (no extra work from you required).

you're ready to scale bigger

get in front of more ideal customers without chasing algorithms

AND you're getting tired. If you're like most of the people we work with, it definitely doesn't light you up the way it once did (but you don't want to lose that close connection you have with your loyal followers either!).

The good news? It doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing thing. Your choices aren't "go hard on Instagram everyday" or "abandon the platform completely"

When you work with us, we take what you're creating that's already working, and leverage it to help you get in front of NEW audiences, instead of just asking you to create more, instead.

you're hitting a plateau
on instagram

let's be honest

Where do you lead people to get the sale? Whether we should encourage people to head to your sales page, follow you on Instagram, or sign up for your email list, we make sure this new audience sticks around (and is ready to buy!)

you get new juicy prospects entering your sales funnel

Then, we create landing pages and blog posts that are strategically written to be bingeable and skimmable, taking that cold traffic to interested prospects fast.

we write content that nurtures cold traffic

We focus on traffic first, and conversion second. After all, you NEED traffic in order to tweak & refine those other pieces of your sales funnel. 

we start by driving traffic

our results aren't a fluke, they're a framework.

To get in front of new audiences and algorithms without showing more of your face, but still having YOUR brand voice there for them to consume.

A Pinterest manager that actually WRITES the content that works too - instead of just creating a content plan and recommending you do it yourself.

A marketing agency that works independently, doesn't need hand-holding, but doesn't charge thousands of dollars a month (to justify their overhead) either.

Did we find your
wish list?

- devin, mile square moments

"I now rank on page 1 of Google search for top keywords I'm targeting and Google is my #1 source of lead conversion.."

- desiree, ask the planner podcast

"Kara was able to seamlessly transition to writing all my blog posts and managing my Pinterest virtually overnight"

*3 month commitment required to begin. Best results seen after 6-12 months of consistency.



  • Customized content plan for the quarter
  • 4 blog posts written per week (created by repurposing your already-available content and optimizing for search)
  • Comprehensive Pinterest management (50 new graphics per month and new video pins created from Broll and short-form video you're already creating)
  • Discounted hourly rate on extra marketing tasks on demand (our clients often ask us to write emails or create carousels - no task is too big or small)
  • Monthly analytics reports 

what's included

The premium monthly package includes everything you need to start driving traffic to your website and begin nurturing your new audience (with as little work from you as possible)

Pinterest Management + Ghost blogging

- alane, write pretty for me

"I can't recommend Kara enough! Since working with her, I now rank #1 on google for my target audience searches, my Pinterest engagement has drastically increased, and google is now one of my top lead sources.

Not to mention, "Blogging" and "Pinterest" sat idly on my to-do list for years until kara came along and took them off my plate so I could focus on other aspects of my business.

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