Are You a Bingeable Brand?

You could be, if you play your cards right.

Failing to have a brand that is binge-worthy is the reason why:

✓ Your customers keep searching for your service even after they contact you 

✓ Your customers are price shopping (and wondering if you are too expensive)

✓ After they reach out, they still aren’t sold so you often need a sales call to seal the deal.

Hitting you with some real talk now.

While I can't show up on Instagram stories for you, I can write a killer blog post that has ideal clients finding you and racing to your contact form. This is my zone of genius - seriously. 

Want the really good news? Blog posts don't disappear in 24 hours causing you to constantly create fresh content. Think about it for a second, what if you could use social media to be social, but never worry about getting customers from it again?

No matter how long you've been in business, hustling for leads is never fun. I truly believe that content marketing is the EASIEST way to get the customers you want (over and over again)

Blogging for SEO 
I Write for Visibility & Conversion

For brands who want to focus less on words and more on making money.

Your ideal clients are searching for the product or service you offer every single day, and you aren't showing up for them.

Custom packages are available but for maximum impact, I recommend a fresh blog post once a week.

$400 USD / month

What’s the investment?

Discounts available if combined with Pinterest Management.

Wondering how much work this will be for you?

Different business models need different content strategies. If you are a business that launches new offers, we need to create blog posts that prime your audience for an upcoming offer (or waitlist!). If you have an evergreen business that has the same offers all the time, we need to create a content plan that mixes cornerstone content with timely content (a fancy way of saying: you’ll look like an authority in the space who doesn’t miss a beat).

What content planning looks like: me asking a few questions about your business and presenting you with a strategy. You might have a few blog topics in mind but I will do my research and bring suggestions that are trending (or that have a higher search volume that I think will be easier to rank for).

01. Content Planning

Wondering how much work this will be for you?

You can relax now. Whether we decide to post every Thursday or only once a month on the first, I’ve got this and I never miss a deadline. I do a ton of research on my own, but if I have questions about the content, I will either email you or vox you (voice messaging). After all, you're my customer and I make it as easy as possible for you.

02. Create a Writing Schedule

Come hither...

You don’t need to shout from the rooftops,
let your customers come to you.

Let’s Get You A High-Converting Blog

Here’s the final kicker - Not all businesses have a launch model. We don't all use traditional sales pages to sell ourselves. Blogging is a great way to show your expertise and establish authority without needing to brag about yourself on a sales call.

Did I just catch you skimming?

Here’s why blogging for your business is important.


Blogging regularly is great for getting found on Google (that SEO game). Your ideal client is searching for what you offer. Blogging is how you show up.


Blog posts done well, allow your ideal client to get to know you before they even reach out. It’s a million times easier to close the sale because they are already invested in you.

Ready to scale your business without burnout?

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