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When your future customers find you on Google, give them a reason to become OBSESSED with you.

Become a bingeable brand

Do these potential customers sound like they inquired with a bunch of other people after me? Of course not. By the time they reached out, they already knew they wanted to book so I no longer feel rushed to be the first service provider to respond. That is the power of a bingeable brand.

But when you have a bingeable blog for your business, you also get inquiries that look like this

the seo power alone is enough to change your business

After they reach out, they still aren’t sold so you often need a sales call to seal the deal

Your customers are price shopping (and wondering if you are too expensive)

Your customers keep searching for your service even after they contact you 

Failing to have a binge-worthy brand is the reason why

Did you know a solid Pinterest strategy helps you show up on Google. Combine blogging with our Pinterest marketing services for a little discount.

we also do pinterest!

If you are like most of your clients, you're wondering how much work this will be for you. We are experts at analyzing data and tracking trends, which means once we know what you are trying to sell - your work is done.

we can work independently

Yes, we want your blog posts to rank on Google but we also want to make sure they are making you money. When you hire us, we learn your offers inside and out so we can sell them in every post.

we write for visibility and conversion

want to hire someone to write blog posts for you?

here's how we hit different

- sarahna, simply organized solutions

My favourite part of reading what she wrote was realizing that she captured my voice & style of writing wonderfully!

- tiffany, simply breathe events

The workload she's taken off my shoulders is amazing. The backlog of weddings to blog is no more and my only complaint is not hiring her sooner! 

While I can't show up on Instagram stories for you, I can write a killer blog post that has ideal clients finding you and racing to your contact form. This is my zone of genius - seriously. 

Want the really good news? Blog posts don't disappear in 24 hours causing you to constantly create fresh content. Think about it for a second, what if you could use social media to be social, but never worry about getting customers from it again?

No matter how long you've been in business, hustling for leads is never fun. I truly believe that content marketing is the EASIEST way to get the customers you want (over and over again)

Your Ideal Client is Searching For What You Have to Offer Every Single Day - But You Aren't Showing Up For Them. 

hitting you with real talk now

*Custom Packages Available* For local business, like wedding photography, 800-1000 words is sufficient. For highly competitive niches, like marketing, higher word counts are likely necessary to rank on Google.

Our standard packages include
4 blog posts per month

Between 800-1000 words: $500/month
BETWEEN 1500-2000 WORDS: $800/MONTH
between 2500-3500 words: $1200/month


  • Keyword Research
  • Topic Ideas + Execution
  • Conversion-focused Blog Posts
  • Upload + Formatting onto your Website
  • Tracking Data on Google Search Console

what's included

Your customers will never know we wrote these for you (we don't want the credit).

Ghost Blogging Packages

ready to hire us?

If something doesn't sound like you, or you want to start gearing your content towards a launch, all you have to do is email us, book a call, or send us a note on Voxer. We've been on the online space for a bit, so we know how to adapt fast.

you provide feeedback

Whether you have topics in mind or want to leave it to us, we don't need handholding (and that's a good thing). We will write your blogs and schedule them on the backend so there's no hidden work for you.

we write
your blogs

Tell us ALL about your business: what you are selling, what you are going to sell, and who you want to get in front of. We are EXPERTS at repurposing content so whatever you give us, we will multiply it effortlessly.

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Blogging regularly is great for getting found on Google (that SEO game).

Blog posts done well, allow your ideal client to get to know-like-trust you before they even reach out.

Blog posts allow you to showcase your expertise without feeling "salesy" every day.

You can hire us to do it for you (and we make it super easy - by the way)

Did we catch you skimming?

Not all businesses have a launch model. We don't all use traditional sales pages to sell ourselves. Blogging is a great way to show your expertise and establish authority without needing to brag about yourself on a sales call.

Wouldn't it be great to have your email list filling up on autopilot with leads primed to buy your evergreen offer? To have your contact form filling up with clients looking to hand over their debit card for your services? That's the power of regular blogging (and as a bonus - my client's regularly repurpose their blog content on social media to make content creation just a little easier)

While our "bread and butter" is Pinterest management and DFY blogging, we become so obsessed with our clients and our businesses that we've been known to tackle their website copy, manage their podcast, or create carousels and write their Instagram captions. 

Trust me when I say, we would be elated to make this a forever thing with you!

I'm Kara — the ghost blogger who is ready to grow with you.

Can we join your team?

- devin, mile square moments

Since working with Kara, I now rank on page 1 of Google search for top keywords I'm targeting and Google is my #1 source of lead conversion.

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and by the way - once you DO see the power of getting customers from Google, you'll wonder what took you so long.

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