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for Brands Who Want Big Personalities (& Profits)

I want to help you make more money without a sales call. By the time your customers contact you, they should be ready to buy.

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Are you looking for a more sustainable way to market your business?

Oh boy, are you ever in the right place. 

The same way most people tell you to diversify your revenue streams, I’m going to tell you to diversify your marketing strategy. Even better? I’m going to help you implement it. There are certain parts of your business that you can’t easily outsource (like IG stories!), but the rest? I got you. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about powerful web copy, it’s that you are going to be shocked how many customers buy from you without a sales call.

Your customers have high standards.

& I get that because mine do too

I’m a firm believer that your customers actually WANT you to convince them you’re the one. They are looking for a solution to their problem, and are just waiting to check it off their to do list once they find you. But your customers are also discerning... they aren’t going to be impressed by a website that was written from a template and sounds like everyone else. They aren't interested in spending their hard earned cash with yet another online business that fails to meet their expectations. 

I will help get them to buy if you focus on delivering an amazing client experience. Sound good?

Here’s what working together would look like

Not to be too forward... but here’s my three year plan for us
(and clear some closet space because I’m moving in)

you profit

we scale

i write

 I write whatever you need in a way that makes you money. From one time projects like a shiny new lead magnet to monthly blogging packages, I got you babe.

you profit

we scale

Everything I do is for visibility (Pinterest & SEO) and conversion (Sales). At our core, The Kara Report exists to make women more money. 

i write

you profit

we scale

We start slow, maybe web copy and a welcome email sequence. But before you know it? I’m your go-to copywriting and marketing partner for just about everything. 

i write

"In less than 3 months of working with Kara, I went from the 13th page of Google to PAGE ONE!"

"I was beyond impressed with this jump.... as I'd been planning to patiently wait many, many months for this kind of traction. My favourite part of reading what she wrote was realizing that she captured my voice & style of writing wonderfully! Kara is a total ASSET to my business and highly recommend getting her on YOUR team immediately!"

- Simply Organized Solutions

" In just one week, my Pinterest blew up and her blog writing really sounded like my voice and was jam packed with tons of good information for my readers"

I absolutely LOVE Kara and her business. She did Pinterest and blog management for my business for a bit and it was top notch! The value she provides is truly worth it because she invests so much time getting to know you and your business and the industry/demographic you serve (IF she doesn't already know about it!) I was blown away by the amount of work she put into my blog and into growing my Pinterest. She does her research and really knows her stuff! I highly recommend Kara for all of your blogging, Pinterest, SEO outsourcing needs. She's the best!

- Kindly Delivered

"Kara communicates with you like a friend you've had for years who is giving you the best advice."

I have the opportunity to work with this beautiful soul.  She's passionate about helping others and I can feel that all the way from Arizona. I highly recommend her because she cares, she’s knowledgeable, and she wants to give you the tools to help you succeed. 

 - Krissy Mae Photography

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