In an 'online course' kind of world screaming
“I can teach you”...

let's take something off your To Do list instead.

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aware of you





Your customer becomes aware of their problem/desire

You can be a part of this step, or not.

Your customer finds you 

Fill the top of your funnel with fast & slow marketing

Your customer considers buying from you

Your customer is curious. This is where they warm up to you and get ready to buy.

Your customer buys from you/hires you.

Depending on your sales process, this can be quick (add to cart) or longer (booking a consultation)

Not sure why your website is making you bank? It’s probably the words.

Copywriting is more than just writing that sounds good. Let’s infuse your website with more of your personality and spread your message in a way that makes you more money.

Need more eyes on your business? Blogging for SEO.

Maybe your message is fine. Maybe it needs more work. We don’t know without traffic. I blog for two reasons - visibility and conversion. I write blog posts that get your idea customers to FIND you (and then buy from you once they do). 

Dreaming of an Evergreen Funnel? Let’s get you some searchability.

There’s a reason I offer Pinterest Management as a partner to my word-smith services. If your business is in it for the long haul, there’s no better time to get on Pinterest (and yeah - the data says your ideal client IS hanging out there).


Blogging for SEO

Pinterest Management

Let's work together

The Dossier of Marketing Services Offered.

✔ Pinterest setup (for the DIYer)
✔ Email funnels
✔ Welcome sequence emails
✔ Ongoing email marketing
✔ Freebie/lead magnet copy
✔ Sales pages
✔ Podcast scripts

I believe in niching down, but I also don’t believe in outsourcing bits and pieces of your voice to a million different freelancers. Here’s a few more a la carte services i've been hired for:

✔ Blogging packages
✔ Landing page copy (opt-ins, coming soon, waitlists & more)
✔ Ad copy/ IG copy
✔ Launch copy (social media, email marketing, web copy)
✔ Physical product descriptions

lets get started

Standard of Excellence

I’m a firm believer in the old adage that how you do one thing is how you do everything. It’s part of being an enneagram 3w4, I’m literally never satisfied with where I’m at and will constantly strive to be better and do better for my customers.


I’m not talking about Mother Earth here (although I’m a fan). When I think about sustainability, I think about helping women run their businesses in a way that generates profit in a sustainable way so that they can have the business and life they want. Literally nothing fills my cup up more.

Customer Obsessed

Our customers are busy. There’s never any long questionnaires or a ton of homework around here - I have better ways of keeping up with you. I will sign up for your email list, follow you on the ‘gram, and become more than a little obsessed with you (it’s not stalking if my intentions are good, right?)

Quality in Simplicity

Shortcuts and Shiny Objects have no room here. The basics work and I refuse to overcomplicate marketing & sales for our customers. Nothing wrong with a little intuition but at The Kara Report, I tend to make decisions based on data over feelings. Simple and Done Well > Fancy and Messy


Speaking of data, don’t just “take my word for it”. A lot of the strategies I use DO take time to work, but my finger never leaves the pulse. Although we can make interpretations based on data, the numbers don’t lie.

Your customers will never know that you outsourced.

(I don’t want the credit)


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