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Not sure why your website is making you bank? It’s probably the words.

Copywriting is more than just writing that sounds good. Let’s infuse your website with more of your personality and spread your message in a way that makes you more money.

Need more eyes on your business? Blogging for SEO.

Maybe your message is fine. Maybe it needs more work. We don’t know without traffic. I blog for two reasons - visibility and conversion. I write blog posts that get your idea customers to FIND you (and then buy from you once they do). 

Dreaming of an Evergreen Funnel? Let’s get you some searchability.

There’s a reason I offer Pinterest Management as a partner to my word-smith services. If your business is in it for the long haul, there’s no better time to get on Pinterest (and yeah - the data says your ideal client IS hanging out there).


Blogging for SEO

Pinterest Management

want to just hire me to do all the things for you?


I know you are here to learn more about me, but first a quick question:

Who does your next hire need to be to get you closer to the business you want?

I’m a Conversion Copywriter 
& Content Marketing Strategist 

Which Means I Write Words that Get Your Business Found by Ideal Customers (and convert like crazy)

Wondering if we are a good fit?

I love to say

My favorite people tend to end up on this page (people who care about people who represent their brand enough to read yet another ‘about’ page). I love to work with the movers and shakers of the world - the wedding planners who care deeply for their couples, the course creators who dream of changing the world of their students, the multi-passionate entrepreneurs who want to have it all (without a ton of sacrifice).

In short, I love to work with Brands & Businesses focused on serving their customers really, really, well.

I prefer to remain behind the scenes—I take secret pleasure knowing my words are all over the internet. Let me be your favorite independent contractor who meets deadlines & over delivers on the regular.

Peek Behind the Curtain of my Signature Process

✓ Yes to working with women whose work lights them up
✕ No to zoom calls that could have been an email (let’s chat on voxer instead)

Right now, The Kara Report is just me—Kara—and a few incredible contractors.

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