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Have you ever had a difficult client? Have you ever got stuck in your head and spent more time thinking about the client and how you can make them happy than you did actually doing the work? Have you ever had a bad day that was caused by someone not absolutely loving what you created […]

You Can Fire Me But You Can’t Hurt Me (+ Other Advice When Selling “Yourself”)

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What’s the point of blogging if you’re not being found on Google? Okay, I am obviously a blogging stan, so I could go on and on about the benefits of blogging beyond SEO, but the truth is SEO is probably the biggest reason you’re reading this right now. After all, you want to be found […]

4 Blogging Tips to Get Your Blog Posts Ranking On Google Faster

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2024 is going to be all about the little tweaks we can make in our business that create a bigger impact. Don’t you agree? I am so tired of the “burn it all down”, of the create a course, then create a membership, then do this, then do that. Even though that has been great […]

Want More Sales From Your Website? Fix These 2 Pages.

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I’m in marketing, but I don’t specialize in Instagram marketing strategy. Today, I wanted to bring you guys my biz bestie turned real life bestie, Laura Milroy Media to spill the dirt on what we should be doing and what we need to know about social media strategy in 2024. In this episode, she shares […]

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