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Have you ever felt like achieving the next revenue milestone or booking a certain number of projects would solve all your problems? I brought on Alane, who shares her experience of having her best year in business when she booked 93 weddings but still felt burned out. It’s crazy to think about 93 weddings, but […]

Embracing Work-Life Alignment By Balancing Mindset and Systems with Alane Gianetti

work life alignment and implementing systems with alane gianetti of write pretty for me

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Even after seven years in business, I still sometimes think of branding as this intangible thing. We know we need it to stand out. Nobody is disputing that good design and strategic branding for service providers has a strong ROI. It’s been proven over and over again, and yet it’s still something that I feel […]

The Surprising Secrets to Standing Out: Strategic Branding for Service Providers with Ellie Brown

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Today, I’m sharing something fun! I was interviews by Brittany Miller Social or her Go Get Great podcast all about why every business needs a blog! This interview gets SO detailed into the process of blogging for your business, and Brittany asked such good questions that this is well worth a listen (or skim for […]

podcast artwork on why every business needs a blog

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