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Unique Marketing Ideas to Try: Are You Marketing Like Matcha or Like Coffee?

January 23, 2024



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I'm Kara - the voice behind some of the brands you know and love (I know because I love them too!). I'm results-driven and ambitious, just like YOU.

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Are you marketing like matcha or like coffee? Hear me out on this one. I’ve recently switched to matcha in the afternoons over coffee (and if you know me, I am a huge coffee drinker!) because I find that it helps me overcome the afternoon slump and it had me thinking (don’t judge me – I’m in marketing), but there is a big difference between matcha and coffee and in a lot of ways it can translate to your brand and business model too, beyond just marketing ideas (which this episode is definitely going to touch on!).

This episode might feel a little cheesy, but honestly, it keeps coming to me every time I sit down and I’m not ignoring universe nudges this year. It’s going to help you and that’s why I’m recording it. 

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Beyond just talking about the differences between marketing like Matcha or like coffee, we’re going to talk about WHICH option is right for you. There’s no “bad” option. So let’s get into it!

First, what’s your business model?

Are you serving up quick wins? Or are you building something that is built to last? How long are your customers in your world?

The truth is that Matcha has longer staying power, right? That’s why I switched. I know if I have a coffee at noon, I’m ready for another one by two. Like I said, I’m a huge coffee drinker.

Are you building a brand where people have to invest more time/money into you, and does your marketing reflect that? I was listening to somebody talk the other day about how they have been pivoting their marketing messaging because they sell something to do with passive income, and they keep attracting people who think that it’s going to be easy. In retrospect, it’s obvious right? Messages like “I made a million dollars before noon today” don’t exactly make you feel like there’s a lot of upfront work required.

drinking coffee reading about unique marketing ideas

Do your marketing ideas match the effort required for your offer?

So, maybe you are marketing with high energy (like coffee) and then having people commit to an intense six month mastermind, and you’re getting the sale, but you’re finding that you’re selling to people aren’t willing or wanting to do the work.

If you have been calling in people who want quick wins, your marketing might need to shift to be more matcha, where you are taking your time to educate and allow your audience to make an informed decision instead of going for that agitation content all the time.

Coffee marketing ideas for tiny offers

Let’s start by talking about someone who is selling a $27 ebook, who is just agitating the heck out of you every single day, every single time that you open your Instagram app. It’s agitation, agitation, growth content, growth content. I compare this to your brain first thing in the morning before coffee where I can’t even think straight.

I personally feel like this “coffee strategy” does work better if you are selling a low ticket quick win type of offer. Because if I’m looking at my own buying patterns, I know that the longer that I personally think about a $27 offer, the less likely I’m going to buy it.

Sometimes they just catch me, they’re hitting me with that pain point content or whatever, and all of a sudden I’m like, yeah, I do need 800 chat GPT prompts (or whatever it is). 

Matcha marketing ideas for offers where you want your customers to be invested

If you’re building something where you want people to be emotionally and financially invested in what you are selling (whether that’s a course or coaching or a service provider), you’ll want a slower burn (like matcha). It can be a really good idea to keep that in mind when you’re creating your marketing content that a lot of the stuff that is going viral or that we’re all seeing pop up in our feed, doesn’t have to be what you do. It’s likely not going to be as effective for you in the long-term anyway. t

What is the after effect of your offer (or content)?

What I mean by that is, “Are you offering a huge transformation like helping someone start a business or scaling their business or launch a new website”? Or are you offering something like how to create an Instagram reel.

Are you offering a huge transformation or bandaid? There’s nothing wrong with the bandaid if that matches the pain point your solving.

How much energy are you giving to your audience?

Are you giving them the tools to revolutionize their business and sending them on their way? Are you offering them a tiny offer with a quick win (like the goal tracker I bought in January – not everything woud be “more valuable” if it was bigger). Are you giving them a tool or a quick win or are you holding their hand and guiding them through the process as they build momentum?

And as an aside – I know we have all bought those $27 offers that were way too valuable to implement. When the time investment didn’t match the two minutes that you took to decide to make that purchase, what happens? I know for me, most of the time I ended up filing it away for later and it was never seen again.

Making your marketing reflect your customer journey

If you’re offering a bigger transformation, how can we make your marketing reflect this? I would say someone might expect to consume more long form content from you. I’m comparing this to one of the larger purchases I made which was my branding designer a few years ago. They had a podcast. I listened to a bunch of their podcast episodes before deciding to book a call and eventually book them. I was very warm from consuming their content. That’s a marketing plan that reflects the larger transformation.

Compare this to if you’re selling one of those viral pet hair removers, I probably don’t need blog posts from them to make a buying decision. A few reels or maybe a longer form sales page after a Facebook ad is likely going to be enough to help me make that buying decision.

marketing strategist shares thoughts on 2024 marketing trends

Are You Marketing Like Matcha or Coffee Now? Try These Marketing Ideas.

Last question – are you marketing more matcha or more like coffee right now? And do you think that that is what you should be doing? Does it match your overall goals?

While I’ve walked you through some marketing ideas, I also want to just say that it depends on what kind of life you want to have. How much energy does creating content take from you or give to you? Does creating reels light you up? Beyond your offers, considering what is better for you is almost as important as what’s better for the business. I definitely consider my own energy when I’m planning my marketing strategy.

Just to give you an example here, you can still use short-form videos or reels and create them to have longer staying power where you’re not just posting agitation content or controversial content or whatever is probably better for growth, even if you’re selling a larger commitment or transformation. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. But I believe if you want to build a truly scalable business, you’re better off focusing your energy and ignoring all those kind of dopamine producing platforms (not totally ignoring them, but it really depends how much energy you have if you have a team).

Hiring a team to implement your marketing ideas

Before I had a team, I was barely on Instagram because I really had to focus my energy on what was going to provide me a larger ROI, which for me was searchable content (because I am always thinking of the long game). 

A year from now, do you want to end the year with a hundred trendy reels that aren’t trendy anymore? Or do you want to leave the year with 52 blog posts that are compounding ranking on Google and all building you traffic every day?

I do want to also say, now that I have a team, I can market in a lot more places. I have this podcast now, which is really cool. I blog regularly, and I still have the capacity to show up on Instagram frequently and TikTok, but that’s only because I have a team as a service-based business. When I didn’t have a team, all of my energy was going toward doing client work and those very few key activities that would provide me with the biggest impact out of the time I had.

drinking coffee and marketing

Remember – it doesn’t have to be either/or when it comes to your marketing ideas!

Obviously we are a marketing agency, and you can hire us to create blog posts and handle your Pinterest marketing and to repurpose your podcast episodes. Obviously that’s an option for you if you have the resources. But what I want to finish with, is that ot doesn’t have to be “yes to Instagram” means saying “no to blogs”. You can definitely do both. But if you’re stretched thin, I want you to dial into this theme of deciding if you want to market like matcha or you want to market like coffee. Choose one. Go all in. And I will be cheering you on as you do!

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