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Do you ever wonder what people with more successful businesses are doing? I know I am always swiping through carousels and listening to episodes like this, and often it’s all the same: “They’re consistent,” “They charge their worth,” etc. This episode is NOT like that. I am working behind the scenes in these businesses, and […]

11 Business Lessons from Working With Multi-6 + 7 Figure Business Owners

7-figure business owner

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Last week, I shared this screenshot about making passive income from Pinterest which seems to have gotten some attention: And here’s the thing – I usually share lead inquiry forms on my Instagram because I help service-based businesses get leads from Pinterest. It’s what I do and I do it well. But when I shared […]

Making Passive Income from Pinterest in 2023

making passive income from Pinterest

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Can we commit to dropping the hustle of chasing wedding customers in Facebook groups? There is a MUCH easier way to get clients for your wedding business. So, you have decided to start a wedding business (or you have hit a dry spell). Either way, I am glad you are here. Whether you are a […]

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